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When Do I File Form 941?


Question: When Do I File Form 941?


Form 941 is the Federal Employer's Quarterly Tax Return, used to report amounts collected from employees for federal income tax withholding, amounts deducted from employee pay for Social Security and Medicare, and amounts owed from the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare.

Due Dates
Form 941 must be submitted quarterly, according to the following schedule:

  • For the first quarter, ending March 30, submit by April 30.
  • For the second quarter, ending June 30, submit by July 31.
  • For the third quarter, ending September 30, submit by October 31.
  • For the fourth quarter, ending December 31, submit by January 31.
If the submission date is a weekend or holiday, the report may be submitted on the first subsequent weekday.


If you have made timely deposits in full payment of the taxes you owe for a quarter, you have 10 more days after the due date above to file form 941 for the quarter. For example, if you have made deposits in full for the first quarter, you may submit by May 10, instead of April 30.

Reports may be submitted electronically throughIRS e-file or by mail.Here's more on where to file Form 941.


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