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Starting and Running a Family Business

Many families are in business together, and that's great. Family members can be employees or investors, too. To help you keep the relationship - and the business - running smoothly, it's best to plan carefully and put agreements in writing. 

More Information on Family Businesses
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Business Startup Timeline

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Best Business Practices

Good business practices keep a business profitable, avoid audits and legal costs, and been seen as legitimate for taxes and regulations.

Why Business Agreements Should Be In Writing

Business contracts and agreements should be put in writing. Putting contracts and agreements in writing is smart business practice.

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Business Start-up Help

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Buying a Boat or Airplane for Business

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Inactive Business

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Microbusinesses for Teens

Teens can start their own micro businesses, making money and having fun doing it. Carol Topp, CPA, answers questions about teen micro businesses.

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