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Licenses and Permits

Including Licensing Intellectual Property



A license is granted as permission to do something or use something. In some cases, licensing is granted after some kind of test, to make sure that the person receiving the license is capable of doing the activity. A business license does not usually require an examination of any kind. Licenses can be granted by a government agency, such as a license to do business in a particular location.

Licenses may also be sold by individuals or companies; for example, the owner of a trademark or copyright may give someone else a license to use that intellectual property in exchange for compensation and possibly royalties.

A permit is another type of license which is granted by a government agency. Permits regulate safety and are typically granted following an inspection.



Activities which usually require a license are driving or occupational licenses (these licenses require an exam), marriage, business, or fishing license (these licenses do not require an exam).

Permits are granted for building occupancy, for health and fire, and for other types of activities, like operating a business which serves liquor.

The Chicken Soup for the Soul trademark may be licensed to others to use it, in return for compensation for the owners of the trademark.


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