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Creating a Business Plan Step by Step


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Write a General Description of Your Business

Write a general description of your business, which includes:

  • Type of Business
    Describe what type of business this is (retail, manufacturing) and what the business produces or sells.

  • Legal Organization
    Discuss how the business will be organized (corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, for example) and the process you will use to set up this organization form.

  • Business Location
    Describe the facility you will use for your business, including an address and information about the area. Include the square footage and a layout of the business, if this is available. If your business is in your home, describe the space you will use. Discuss whether this location will be purchased or rented and the terms for purchase or rental.

  • Licenses and Permits
    Include information on local ordinances which pertain to your business, as well as licenses and permits you have obtained or need to obtain.

  • Management and Employees
    Describe the owners and management of the business, along with the expected number and types of employees who will be working in the business.

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