1. Money

Records System to Deter and Prevent Employee Theft and Embezzlement

Your business can lose money quickly if you don't deter and prevent employee theft and embezzlement. Some advice from an attorney and other information on how to set up your records to minimize losses from employee misconduct.

Embezzlement is a breach of fiduciary (financial) duties, usually by an employee, or a trusted advisor or contractor.

Tips from an Attorney on Dealing with Employee Embezzlement
Deterring employee embezzlement means protecting your business with specific actions. Attorney Lynn Palac has some suggestions to help you deter employee embezzlement.

How Can I Protect My Business from Fraud?
Definition of fraud and how you can protect your business from employee fraud and outsider fraud.

How Can I Detect and Prevent Employee Theft and Embezzlement?
Some tips to help you prevent employees from stealing or embezzling, and some ways to discourage employees from these actions.

How Do I Protect My Company from Embezzlement?
How to prevent or protect against embezzlement

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