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Capital Gains and Losses, Capital Gains Taxes

All about capital gains and losses, including information on capital gains taxes and tax rates, short term and long term capital gains, how to report capital gains on your income tax return, and how to avoid capital gains taxes (legally).

What are the Capital Gains Reporting Changes for 2011 Taxes?
Changes in capital gains treatment for 2011, by CPA Gail Rosen.

Capital Gains - Capital Gains and Business Taxes

Capital gains are a mystery to many business owners.  You go about your business and let your tax advisor worry about that stuff.  But understanding capital gains can help you make better business decisions. 

What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate?
Capital Gains Tax Rate

All About Business Assets
Your business assets are a big part of your business success. Using the assets of your business, you create products and services that are purchased by customers to create your income. When you buy or sell business assets, these transactions affect both your financial position and your tax situation. This article provides information on...

What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate?
Capital Gains Tax Rate

Capital Gains / Capital Losses
Capital Gains Capital Losses

Report Capital Gains and Losses on Schedule D
Describes Schedule D

Basis (in an Asset)
Definition of Basis

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