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Tax Planning for Businesses, Tax Issues

Find information about business taxes, including home based business taxes, disregarded entities.
  1. Barter Tax Issues (3)
  2. Business Tax Changes (10)
  3. Capital Gains (8)
  4. Disregarded Entity (6)
  5. Health Care & Business Tax (12)
  6. Home Business Tax Issues (31)
  7. Self-Employment Tax (18)
  8. Tax Disputes, Audits, Tax Court (9)
  9. Tax Planning Tips (12)
  10. Taxes and Business Start-up (1)
  11. Types of Business Taxes (21)

How Will the Same Sex Marriage Laws Affect Businesses?
Same sex marriage laws and their effect on businesses, including employee benefits and business taxes.

7 Tips for Lowering Your Business Taxes
Tips for saving money by paying less on business taxes. Some ways to save on business taxes: take all tax deductions and credits, find a good tax preparer, fund an IRA, and eliminate costly mistakes.

How to Save on 2011 Business Taxes
What you can do now before the end of December to save on business taxes in 2011, taking advantage of tax deductions and tax credits, using depreciation, timing spending and income and writing off inventory, bad debts, and obsolete equipment.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of a Value Added Tax (VAT)?
Benefits and drawbacks of a Value Added Tax

How Will the Tax Cuts Affect My Business Taxes in 2011?
How the tax cuts will affect your business taxes in 2011.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Information
The electronic federal tax payment system (EFTPS) was set up to allow businesses and individuals to make federal tax payments directly using an online system. Beginning January 1, 2011, tax payments for businesses may not be made using the old Form 8109 federal tax coupon, but must be made using the EFTPS. Here is information about this...

What Business Tax Laws Changed in 2010?
Changes in tax laws for 2010, including Social Security maximum wages, changes in IRS standard mileage, and increased depreciation for 2009 cut for 2010.

How Do I Calculate Net Earnings for Self-Employment Tax?
How net earnings are calculated for self-employment tax purposes.

EFTPS - EFTPS Tax Payments
EFTPS - EFTPS Tax Payments

First Business Tax Return
Starting a business? Information you will need for your first business tax return, including finding a tax advisor, keeping records, and collecting information on business income and expenses.

Hobby vs. Business
A hobby business and a real for-profit business are different. The IRS considers a hobby business differently and has different tax rules for deducting expenses and carrying over business profits and losses for hobby businesses. A hobby loss business is a special category.

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