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Information about State and Local Laws and Taxes

State income taxes, state sales taxes, and local ordinances are the focus of this category.
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Business Licenses and Permits
All about business licenses and permits, including federal, state, and local licenses and permits, licenses and permits for business startup, and special types of licenses and permits for business startup.

How Do I Know If I Must Collect Sales Tax for States Where I Do Business?
Discussion of whether a business selling products or services in several states must collect sales tax in each state.

Find State and Local Business Information on Business.gov
Use the U.S. Business Information website, Business.Gov, to find information on state and local agencies.

how to Find Information on Local Ordinances
If you need to know about zoning, local option taxes, and other city/town/county information, here is the place to look.

What Regulations Do State Labor Laws Cover?
State labor laws.

Garage Sales, Yard Sales - Tax Issues, Licenses and Permits
Garage sales must pay taxes too: sales taxes, income taxes. Garage sales and yard sales must also comply with local regulations for business licenses and permits.

Booth in Farmers Market or Flea Market - Tax Issues
Owners of booths in farmers markets and flea markets must pay taxes too: sales taxes, income taxes, self-employment taxes, employment taxes, at a minimum.

Top 7 Myths about Sales Taxes
It's not true that online sellers are exempt from sales taxes. This and other myths about sales taxes, from William Perez, at Tax Planning.


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