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Starting a Business, Buying a Business

Starting your Business provides information on the steps you will need to take to set up your business and selecting your legal form. Also included is information about buying a business or franchise and setting up a home business or online business.
  1. Business Lease Negotiation (1)
  2. Business Startup Process (45)
  3. Buying a Business (5)
  4. Finding a Business Location (10)
  5. Government Contractor Info (2)
  6. Hiring Your First Employees (2)
  7. Starting a Corporation (71)
  8. Starting a Partnership (5)
  9. Starting an LLC (19)
  10. Starting as a Sole Proprietor (4)
  11. Your Business Name (5)

What Do I Need to Know to Run a Business?
How to run a business. If you want to know how to run a business, you must know various skills and have information on several subjects, including finances, marketing and sales, insurance, distribution, employee issues, hiring an attorney, technology, and more. An overview of areas needed to run a business is included.

Starting a Husband-Wife Business
Starting a business with your spouse? Before you start, you have many decisions to make: Where should we locate? What business legal form should we start? Who is in charge? Are both spouses in the business or is one an employee? These subjects will be discussed in this article, including the tax implications of the decisions.

Why Do I Need to Start a Business? Why Can't I Just Sell Stuff?
If you are selling a product or service, you are in business. This article discusses why it's important to set up a specific business structure, pay taxes, and follow regulations. Even a cash business can still have liabilities and hiring workers means you must comply with

Go Into Business with Family or Friends
Here are some tips to help you avoid destroying the relationship if you go into business with a family member or good friend.

Hiring an Attorney
Here are some key factors in selecting an attorney

What are the Biggest Mistakes in Starting a Business? How Can…
4 Biggest Startup Mistakes

Startup Summer! Steps to Starting a Small Business
Summer is a great time to start a business! Follow Mario and Eleanora (not their real names) in the process of starting a small professional practice in the Chicago area. Each week, a new subject will be added, so keep looking for new information. If you have questions, want to comment, give them advice, go to the Startup Summer section on the Forum .

First Business Tax Return
Starting a business? Information you will need for your first business tax return, including finding a tax advisor, keeping records, and collecting information on business income and expenses.

How Long Does it Take to Start a Business?
The length of time it takes to start a business depends on a number of factors. Finding a location and getting a bank loan will take the most time.

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