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How to Create a Payroll Register

Using a Payroll Register


What is a Payroll Register? A payroll register is a spreadsheet that lists the total information from each payroll: total gross pay, total of each type of deduction, and total net pay, is set out in a payroll register. The calculation for each individual employee for total gross pay, withholding and deduction amounts, and total net pay is set out in an employee earnings record and the totals from all employee earnings for the pay period are the source of the totals in the payroll register.

The information in the payroll register is used to help you with several important payroll tax tasks:

What must be included in the payroll register?
You must keep a record of totals for all employees for the following:

  • Total gross wages, total social security wages (up to the maximum for each employee each year), and total Medicare wages
  • Totals withheld from employee pay for federal, state, and local income taxes
  • Totals withheld for the employee share of social security and Medicare
  • Totals withheld for all optional donations, such as charitable giving, union dues, and others.
In addition, you must set aside an amount equal to the total social security and Medicare deduction.

Payables Created The total for each category for each paycheck creates a payable that is due to someone else. For example, if the total amount deducted from employee paychecks for Social Security/Medicare for one pay is $3,564, you must set aside an additional $3,564 in the "Payroll Taxes Payable" account.

Other Deductions Payable
When you create a payroll (all the payroll checks), you must also account for other liabilities for additional federal and state taxes:

  • Federal Unemployment Tax Payable
  • State Unemployment Tax Payable
  • State Worker's Compensation Tax Payable
  • And payables for other voluntary deductions
If you have deducted money from employee paychecks for such items as health insurance premiums, charitable donations, or qualified retirement plans, you must account for these totals and create payables for each, so you know how much to pay at the appropriate time.

Simple Payroll Register
Here is a simple payroll register in PDF so you can see how it looks.

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