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How to Select and Work with Business Advisors

Attorneys, CPAs, Tax Preparers, and Other Advisors


Every business needs support individuals who can help make decisions and provide expert advice. No business owner can know everything about every aspect of business, so these key individuals - like attorneys and CPAs - can be a valuable asset. Learn about how to select advisers, where to find these individuals, and how to work with them to help your business succeed.

1. Working with Business Advisors - an Overview

How to select business advisers and how to let them go if the relationship isn't working.

2. How to Check Credentials of a Professional Advisor

As the business owner, you are ultimately responsible for making sure your business complies with laws, taxes, and regulations. Since you can't know everything, you need to be sure you can trust your advisors to give you good advice. Check credentials and get references before you commit to an advisor.

3. Hiring an An Attorney

Where to find an attorney and what to look for in an attorney.

4. What a Tax Attorney Can Do For Your Business

Tax attorneys are attorneys who specialize in tax issues. These individuals cn be valuable assets as you consider the tax effects of various business situations.

5. What a Bankruptcy Attorney Does

A bankruptcy lawyer can save you much time and money and make the bankruptcy process run more smoothly for you and your business. Learn about what bankruptcy lawyers do.

6. How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney

Finding an attorney is difficult in the first place. And finding someone with experience in business bankruptcy is even more difficult. Here are some resources you might find helpful.

7. What an Enrolled Agent Does: How an EA Can Help With Business Taxes

An enrolled agent (EA) can be a great help to you in your business, providing expertise in business taxes and representing you at an audit, if necessary. Enrolled Agent Kirk Ward explains how EAs get certified and how they work with business owners.

8. How to Find a CPA/Tax Preparer

Business owners should understand that not all tax preparers are CPAs and not all CPAs do tax prep work. While you don’t necessarily need to hire a CPA to do your taxes (there are many competent non-CPA professional tax preparers), you do need to consider what other kinds of services you might need, like choosing accounting software, setting it up and getting trained, data entry tasks, and review of records for tax evaluation.
In this article, CPA Sheryl Schuff describes what CPAs do, how a CPA can help with your taxes, and how to select a good CPA.

9. How to Find a Good Tax Advisor

A bad tax advisor can cost you many thousands of dollars, and you are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of your business tax returns, so make sure you get a reputable person to give you tax advice and prepare your tax returns.

10. Finding Help with Bookkeeping and Accounting Tasks

One of the first things you should do when starting a business is to find help with bookkeeping and accounting tasks and someone to help you set up your accounting system. Learn about the tasks a bookeeper, accountant, and CPA can do for your business.

11. How to Find a Business Broker

If you are considering selling your business, you may want to consider using a business broker. These professionals work in the same way as home or commercial real estate agents. Here are some ways to find a business broker.
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