1. Money

Resolving Business Disputes and Going to Court

As a business owner, you will likely find yourself considering whether to take an issue to an attorney or you may find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit. Here are some tips to help you minimize legal fees, to help you decide whether to sue, and to understand legal processes. You will also find information about giving a deposition or expert testimony in a lawsuit.
  1. Arbitration and Mediation (11)
  2. Contracts and Agreements (30)
  3. Family Business Disputes (8)
  4. Going to Court/ Litigation (9)
  5. Small Claims Court (7)
  6. Tax Disputes (12)
  7. Torts and Negligence (3)

Crowdfunding - Legal Issues for Small Businesses
This article discusses the new concept of crowdfunding and the legal issues involved, including securities law and intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, and copyrights). The current legal status of crowdfunding is discussed and the JOBS Act which directs the SEC to create mechanisms for crowdfunding.

What are the Defenses Against Defamation?
Defenses against defamation

How to Select and Work with Business Advisors
Every business needs support individuals who can help make decisions and provide expert advice. No business owner can know everything about every aspect of business, so these key individuals - like attorneys and CPAs - can be a valuable asset. Learn about how to select advisers, where to find these individuals, and how to work with them to...

When Do I Need a Tax Attorney?
Describes what a tax attorney does for small businesses.

Foreclosures, Types of Foreclosures, and the Foreclosure Process
Describes the types of foreclosures and the process of foreclosure for a business.

How to Fire an Employee
Do you know how to fire an employee? You will need information about employee rights, and with documentation before you fire or layoff or terminate an employee. This article will help you get ready, with a letter of termination and other documents.

6 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Someone to Court
What you need to know about the civil litigation process and your part in that process as a business person. It's not about Law & Order. .

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