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Where Can I Get W-2 Forms?


Question: Where Can I Get W-2 Forms?


If you need  W-2 forms, here are some places to get them:

  • An office supply store. Staples, and Office Max both have all the forms you need - online. Office supply stores may also have forms available in the store.
  • Your local CPA. If you don't have one, it might be time to find a good CPA to help you with business taxes.
  • Your tax software. If you use online or downloaded tax return software, check to see if it includes small business tax forms. You may be able to complete and file these forms online, including  payroll tax reports (W-2s and 1099s) and the transmittal forms (W-3s and 1096s). 
  • From the IRS. You might still have time to order forms from the IRS. Their online ordering page allows you to place items in a checkout cart. The items will be shipped to you.

Where You CANNOT Get W-2 Forms!

You cannot download W-2 forms from the IRS or elsewhere on the Internet. Copy A of the W-2 form is in a specific color of red ink and cannot be duplicated. You must file the specific IRS form of Copy A with the Social Security Administration (this is the copy you keep and file with Social Security at the end of February).

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