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Selecting and Working with an Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney, Business Startup Attorney, Tax Attorney


When you start a business, you may decide you need an attorney to help you navigate the maze of legal requirements for startup.  Or you may need an attorney for a specific purpose, like assisting with your business bankruptcy, or providing you with tax advice.  In this article, you can find information on how attorneys are credentialied, how to select an attorney, how attorneys charge for their time, and what to look for in a specific type of attorney.

1. Hiring an Attorney

Where to find an attorney and what to look for in an attorney.

2. Check an Attorney's Credentials Before Hiring

As the business owner, you are ultimately responsible for making sure your business complies with laws, taxes, and regulations. Since you can't know everything, you need to be sure you can trust your advisors to give you good advice. Check credentials and get references before you commit to hiring an attorney.

3. Working with Attorney - Make The Relationship Work

How to start out working with an attorney, and how to keep the relationship running smoothly.

4. Client Responsibilities When Working With an Attorney

Relatoinshipsays go both ways, with both parties having responsibilities.  Take note of your responsibilities as a client working with an attorney

5. How Attorneys Charge for their Work

Attorneys charge for their work in a variety of ways. An attorney may charge an hourly e for general work or a flat fee for a specific assignment (like preparing documents to te a business).  Attorneys also on work on retainer and contingency

Learn more about how attorneys get paid in this article.

6. Using an Attorney for Business Startup - Pros and Cons

Do you need an attorney to help with forming your business entity, reviewing documents, and other business startup issues?  Some business owners and attorneys say no, while others insist an attorney is an essential business startup advisor.  Read athis article and make up your own mind.  Feel free to respond to the questions at the bottom of the article. 

7. Using an Attorney to Incorporate a Business

You may be able to save mey when you incorporate a business by using an attorney for some tasks and doing some things youself.  Read to see how.

8. What a Bankruptcy Attorney Does

A bankruptcy lawyer can save you much time and money and make the bankruptcy process run more smoothly for you and your business. Learn about what bankruptcy lawyers do.

9. How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are looking for an attorney to help you through your business bankruptcy, here are some sources of information and suggestions for selecting this individual and firm.

10. What a Tax Attorney Can Do For Your Business

Tax attorneys are attorneys who specialize in business and personal tax issues. Since business and personal taxes often overlap, these advisors can be valuable assets as you consider the tax effects of various business situations.

11. How to Fire an Attorney

Sometimes, it's necessary to fire a business advisor, like an attorney. Before you fire an attorney, ask yourself some questions about why you are firing, engage a new attorney, and send a "firing" letter.

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