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Taking a Case to Court

The Litigation Process, Step by Step


You decide you want to sue someone. What do you do first?  What happens in the court case? What does your attorney do?  What happens if you win? What happens if you lose?  All will be explained in this article.  The process of taking a case to court is called "litigation," with steps which will be explained in this article.

A couple of notes:

1.  We are talking about a civil case, in which one party (the plaintiff) brings a lawsuit against another party (a defendant). 

2. Most civil cases are settled out of court, and settlement can occur at any time during the process, even after the decision.


1. Going to an Attorney

The first step in most civil litigation

2. Next, the Discovery Process

Discovery is a process of pre-trial fact-finding.  Both parties will try to gather as much informaton as possible, requesting written and oral depositions, interrogatories, requests for documents, and more.  This article explains the discovery process and the types of discovery.

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