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Foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation



A foreign limited liability company (LLC) or foreign corporation is a limited liability company or corporation that is operating in a different state from the state where it was organized. The opposite of a foreign LLC or corporation is a domestic LLC or corporation, which is operating in the state in which it was organized.

The foreign LLC or corporation is registered with the state where you want to do business through the office of the Secretary of State. Read these articles on How to Register as a Foreign LLC and How to Register a Foreign Corporation or S Corporation for more information.


Also Known As: Out-of-state LLC or Out-of-state Corporation

Examples: If an LLC is organized and registered in the state of Illinois, and the company has a store in Illinois, it is considered a "domestic" LLC. If the company is organized and registered in Illinois, but it wants to open a store in Iowa, it must register in Iowa as a "foreign" LLC. The same is true for a corporation or S corporation.

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