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Annual Meeting of a Corporation



The annual meeting of a corporation is a gathering of shareholders of the corporation. Every corporation is required to hold an annual meeting; usually the meeting is held just after the end of the company's fiscal year, at a time and place designated in the bylaws.

The annual meeting usually includes the following activities:

  • Election of Directors whose terms are up for renewal or to fill vacancies on the board of directors
  • Declaration of a dividend
  • Review of the corporation's annual report
  • Discussion of new projects and activities.

Before the annual meeting, shareholders receive proxy statements, describing matters to be voted on at the meeting. Shareholders who cannot attend can usually vote their proxy by mail.

Also Known As: Annual general meeting, annual shareholder meeting, annual stockholder meeting
At Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting each year, Warren Buffett hosts over 20,000 shareholders.

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