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SBA Loan Programs


The information on this page is out of date and a new page has been created with current SBA loan programs. Go to this page: "Current SBA Loan Programs."

1. How the SBA Works with Businesses and Banks to Guarantee Loans

It is true that the SBA doesn't lend money, but it is not true that you have to be turned down by three banks before you can get an SBA loan. Learn more about how the SBA can help you get a business loan.

2. The Recovery Act and the SBA

In February 2009, the Recovery Act included some new money to help the SBA. Here is how the SBA has increased its support of small businesses and the banks, to increase small business lending.

3. SBA 7(a) Loan Program

The 7(a) loan program has been called the SBA's "flagship" program because it is the most common kind of small business loan that the SBA guarantees.

4. 504 Loan Program

The 504 loan program provides small manufacturers with loan guarantees for major fixed assets such as land and buildings for economic development. The purpose of 504 loans is to improve the economy of a locality or to assist businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans, rural businesses, and other designated types of businesses. These 504 loans are set up to work with Certified Development Companies.

5. Community Express Loans

The Community Express program helps provide more opportunities for underserved populations of business owners, including women and minorities, and businesses in targeted development areas

6. SBA MicroLoan Program

Microloans are very small loans given to businesses through non-profit organizations.

7. Patriot Express Program

The Patriot Express program is a pilot program to assist veterans in finding loans for business start-up and expansion.

8. Disaster Recovery Assistance

If your business has been hit by a natural disaster (in a declared disaster area), you may be eligible for assistance from the SBA. Learn about how to apply for disaster recovery funding here.

9. CAPLine Loans for Short-Term Financing Needs

The CAPLine loan program helps small businesses with working capital needs and other short-term needs.

10. SBA International Loan Program

This SBA guarantee program is designed to help U.S. small businesses be more competitive in the international marketplace. The loans are for capital assets and buildings to produce products to sell overseas.

11. SBA Export Working Capital Loans

The SBA Working Capital Loan program (WCLP) assists small businesses with working capital to help them gain business and fill orders on a short-term transactional basis.

12. SBA Export Express Loan Program

The Export Express Loan program provides U.S. small businesses a fast way to receive SBA-backed financing for loans and credit lines up to $250,000. The SBA works with Express member banks to streamline the process for these loans.

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