1. Money

Ending, Selling, or Changing Your Business

Changes happen. Businesses get sold, close, go bankrupt, or owners leave. This section includes information on filing for business bankruptcy, changing a business, or closing a business, including sale or end of different business organization forms, buy sell agreements, and the steps involved in changing business types.
  1. About Business Bankruptcy (23)
  2. Buy-Sell Agreements (1)
  3. End or Close a Business (4)
  4. Making Business Changes (5)
  5. Selling Your Business (6)
  6. Valuing a Business (9)

When Do I Need a New Tax ID (EIN)?
When a new Tax ID (EIN) Needed

Why Should I Have an Exit Strategy?
Discussion of reasons for an exit strategy and about the value of a business.

Inactive Business
Answers to questions about inactive businesses. When is a business inactive? Does an inactive business pay taxes? What notifications are required? How does an inactive business end?

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