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Top Payroll Processing and Payroll Tax Mistakes to Avoid


Payroll processing and payroll taxes are complex subjects and the laws keep changing.  And if you make a mistake, there are fines and penalties involved.  Read through this list to be sure you aren't making any of these mistakes.

1. Forgetting about State Payroll Taxes

3. Failing to Keep Payroll Records Correctly

4. Not Making Timely Payroll Tax Payments to the IRS

5. Failing to Verify Employee Eligibility

6. Not Filing Payroll Tax Reports as Required

7. Failing to Send out End-of-Year Reports as Required

9. Trusting Payroll Advisors

Whether you rely on a CPA, a payroll processing service, or your company bookkeeper, you must know the law and be aware of changes that affect your business.  No matter who does your payroll processing and files/reports payroll taxes, the obligation and responsibility lies with you as the employer.  So, how do you find out the law?

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