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Creating an Employee Handbook

Part I: The Introduction


Your Employee Handbook: The Introduction

Before you begin writing your handbook, one note of caution:
Be sure to have an attorney who is an expert in the field of employment law review your handbook to be certain that there is nothing in it that could cause you problems. Paying an attorney to provide this review could save you from including something that could be misunderstood by a reader.

The Introduction to your Employee Handbook is more than just a few words about your company. It lets your employees understand the importance of the handbook and includes an area for employees to sign to acknowledge they have read the handbook. Here is more information about what the Introduction section includes:

  • The History of Your Business
    Briefly describe your business, including how it began and significant events in its history.

  • Your Statement of Purpose or Mission Statement.
    If you have created a vision or mission statement for your business, discuss it here. Stating your vision helps employees see what you believe in, and gets them excited about working for your company.

  • Welcome Letter
    Include a welcome letter, speaking directly to employees and letting them know how important you think they are to the organization.

  • Statement of "This is not a Contract"
    In your welcome letter or a separate statement, provide a statement to let employees know they aren't being given any guarantees:
    "This Handbook does not constitute a contract of employment, nor does it provide any guarantee of employment."
  • A Signature Page
    Include a statement that all new employees must sign the handbook to show that they have read the document and understand it.

The introduction is an important part of your employee handbook. Be sure your attorney reviews this section in particular.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and I am not providing legal advice. This article is being provided for information and should not be relied on. Consult an attorney for this document and all documents of this type.

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