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Employees and Independent Contractors: Taxes, Laws, and Regulations

You need employees in your business, but you can't afford to miss paying them, and there are many laws to consider. Check here for information on setting up your payroll and paying payroll taxes. Learn the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. Find out how to create an employee handbook and set up employee benefits to help employees and save on taxes.
  1. All About Form 941 (9)
  2. Crash Course in Payroll (2)
  3. Employee Issues (26)
  4. Employment Laws (31)
  5. Employment Tax Forms (20)
  6. Employment Taxes (17)
  7. Form I-9 and Employment (6)
  8. Garnishment and Other (7)
  9. Independent Contractors (50)
  10. Payroll Processing Options (8)
  11. Payroll Taxes (83)
  12. Payroll Terms (8)
  13. Setting Up a Payroll System (20)
  14. Unemployment Taxes (8)
  15. Year End Payroll Processing Tasks (0)

How Can I Detect and Prevent Employee Theft and Embezzlement?
Some tips to help you prevent employees from stealing or embezzling, and some ways to discourage employees from these actions.

Am I an Owner or an Employee?
Discussion of the different legal business types and the status of the owner in each - as owner or employee. Includes a discussion of how the owner takes money from the business.

What's the Difference Between Salaried and Hourly Employees?
Salary vs. Hourly pay for employees

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