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Which IRS Tax Form Do I Use? How Do I File Returns and Make Payments?

A List of IRS Tax Forms for Business Owners


Which form do I use for filing my business tax return? What form do I use to file an extension request? For an amended return? For my home office deduction? This comprehensive list of IRS tax forms provides you with the information you need.

1. Forms for Filing Business Income Tax, By Business Type

  • If you own a sole proprietorship or single member LLC, file your business taxes on Schedule C and add your business income/loss to your personal tax return.
  • For a partnership or multiple-member LLC, file an information return on Form 1065 and issue Schedule K-1s to partners to add to their personal tax returns
  • For a corporation, file form 1120 with the IRS; review the information needed to complete this form before you go to your tax preparer
  • For an s corporation, file form 1120-S and provide a Schedule K-1 to shareholders for their personal returns.


2. To File Estimated Taxes - Use Form 1120-W and EFTPS

If you are a corporation, use Form 1120-W to estimate your taxes due. 

3. If You Want Your LLC to Be Taxed as a Corporation - File Form 8832

If you have a limited liaiblity company, in some circumstances you may want your business to be taxed as a corporation.  Read about this entity election here and use Form 8832 to file this election.

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