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Tax Credits and Deductions for Businesses Helping Disabled

Disability Assistance for Employees, Customers


You can help your disabled employees or improve public access to your company and save money on your taxes. These tax credits and deductions are available for spending money to improve the lives of disabled individuals.

1. Disability Access Tax Credits for Employees

If you improve access for disabled employees, you can gain tax credits at the same time. For example, if you make bathrooms more accessible, or provide tools disabled employees can use, you can save tax dollars with credits, reducing your tax bill.

2. Remove Barriers for Employees, Public and Get a Tax Deduction

The Architectural Barrier Removal Tax Deduction provides your business with up to $15,000 in tax deductions for improving access by employees and the public. Work on walkways, doors, entrances, stairs, and improved signage can qualify.

3. Work Opportunity Tax Credits Available for Hiring Disabled Workers

Another tax credit available to businesses is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Hiring disabled employees (and other disadvantaged groups of workers) can provide you with specific amounts of tax credit, depending on how long the worker stays in your business.

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