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Create a Startup Costs Worksheet


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Set up the Startup Costs Statement in a Financial Software Application

Preparing your financial statements for your business plan need not be difficult. Here is a quick outline for the Startup Costs Worksheet. This worksheet lists all the facilities costs, equipment, initial supplies and materials, advertising materials, and miscellaneous costs you need to open your business. The most difficult part is gathering costs and making sure they are reasonable and adequate.

Working with a Spreadsheet Application
You will need to create a worksheet (page) in your spreadsheet software for all startup costs. Put items down the left side and costs to the right. Total costs for each section: facilities, equipment, supplies and advertising, and miscellaneous. Then create a grand total of costs for all sections. This is the amount you will need for startup.

Include Details
Be as detailed as possible, and count everything, to get a better picture of what you will need. Don't forget waste baskets, decorations, any items you hand out to let people know about your business. The more detailed you make this worksheet, the closer you will come to a true picture of your startup needs.

First, calculate facilities costs.

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