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Types of Business Organizations - Legal Forms of Businesses

Before you start your new business you need to determine the type of business organization you will have, and you probably have many questions about this topic. Will you be a Sole Proprietor? An LLC? Will you incorporate? What is the difference between a Sub-chapter S corporation and an LLC? What about a Professional Corporation? Here is the information you need.
  1. Business Ownership Issues (4)
  2. Business Type Startup (8)
  3. Choosing a Business Type (12)
  4. Corporations (6)
  5. Limited Liability Companies (48)
  6. Qualified Joint Venture (6)
  7. S Corporation vs. LLC Forms (7)
  8. S Corporations (30)
  9. Taxes on Business Types (36)

Introducing a Free Online Course - "Guide to Types of Business"
If you are starting a business, or if your business tax situation has changed, you may need to decide on a business type. This course provides information on corporations, llc's, partnerships, s corporations, and sole proprietorship businesses. The free online course explains the factors to look for when selecting a business type, and gives...

Syllabus for "Crash Course in Payroll and Payroll Taxes"
This is the syllabus for a course in payroll and payroll taxes.

Joint Venture
Definition of a joint venture

Types of Business - Factors to Consider
Factors to consider in types of businesses

What Happens to My Business Type If I Move to Another State?
What happens to business legal type when a business moves to another state? You have several possible legal solutions, depending on business type.

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