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Protect Your Business Before a Disaster, Restore Your Business After a Disaster


If a disaster hit your business, would you be ready? It is a question every business owner should be able to say "Yes!" to. Learn how to protect your business records from a disaster, how to plan for a disaster, how to get tax deductions for disaster cleanup, repairs, and other expenses, how to restore those records after a disaster, and how to get post-disaster financial assistance from the SBA.

1. How to Keep Business Records Safe From Disaster

Tips on protecting business records so they are safe in case of a disaster, including online backup, physical record safety, and off-site backup.

2. Tips on Preparing Your Business Before a Disaster Strikes

The Small Business Administration has some suggestions to help you prepare for a disaster before it strikes your business, including gathering a survival kit, protecting business records, alerting employees of a disaster, and keeping in contact.

3. Get a Business Valuation Before the Disaster

Part of your disaster plan should be a business appraisal or valuation, so you can substantiate the value of your business and its assets before the disaster. If you have an appraisal in hand, it will make proving your disaster losses much easier.

4. How to Reconstruct Business Records after a Disaster

This article discusses the forms you need to prove business asset losses to the IRS and other government agencies.

5. How to Determing Disaster Loss Amounts for Business Taxes

To determine the amount of disaster losses for tax deductions, you will need to collect information on the cost basis and fair market value of your business assets. You will also need to factor in any money received from your insurance company. More details in this article.

6. Learn About Business Disaster Losses You Can Deduct from Taxes

Learn about the kinds of business losses that result from disasters can you deduct from your business tax return.

7. How the National Disaster Relief Act Can Help Your Business

The National Disaster Relief Act of 2008 can provide your business with increased tax deductions for disaster losses.

8. How to Apply for an SBA Disaster Assistance Loan

This article describes the types of disaster assistance available from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Administration) and the Small Business Administration.

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