1. Money

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Learn how to set up a business budget, determine cost of goods sold, calculate break-even. Learn about financial ratios and how they can help you manage your business.

Business Spring Cleaning Tasks
This spring, take time to do some cleanup and business planning. Includes budgeting, getting business records in order, planning for potential disasters, getting payroll and records systems set up.

Business Tax and Finance Resolutions for 2011
You have been meaning to get your business financial and tax systems in order, but you've been too busy. Make 2011 the year you get these systems in place. Why bother? 1. You won't have to worry whether you are complying with tax laws or financial regulations or whether your records are safe in case of disaster. 2. You will have the answers...

Create and Use a Budget for Your Business
All about a budget for your business, including why create a budget, how to get started with a business budget, how to use a budget to get a business loan,

Zero-based Budget
All about zero-based budgeting.

Rate Your Experience With Free Online Budget Software
User reviews of online budget software applications, such as mint.com, thrive.com, and others.See submissions

Create a Business Start-up Budget
Budget - Business Start-up Budget

What are Some Tools and Software I Can Use to Create and Manage a Budget?
Budget tools, including spreadsheets, money management software, financial software, financial management websites.

How Do I Use a Budget to Get a Business Loan?
How use a budget to get a loan

Why Do I Need to Prepare a Business Budget? What is the Purpose of a Budget?
Purposes of a Business Budget

Common Monthly Business Expenses
Although businesses differ in the types of expenses they have, many businesses have common monthly expenses.

Cash Flow Solutions

Debt vs. Deficit - Wha's the Differencet
Difference between debt and deficit, from a business accounting point of view.

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