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Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Board of Directors

Selecting, Compensating, Duties


Your corporation's board of directors can be a huge asset to you as a business owner. Learn about duties of directors, selecting a board, compensating board members, liability issues, and more.

1. What is a Board of Directors

What is a board of directors? What do boards do? How many members does a board have? Here are some suggestions in setting up a board of directors.

2. Duties of Board Members

What are Directors of companies supposed to do? Learn about the role of a board member in a corporation.

3. Selecting Your Board Members

Selecting board members means finding individuals who bring expertise and a variety of viewpoints to your board. Lean what to look for in a corporate board member.

4. Liability Issues for Corporate Boards

What kinds of liabilities are board members exposed to? As part of their duties, directors may face liability for fiduciary responsibilities, for negligence, and for employment responsibilities.

5. Director and Officer Liability Insurance

This article describes Director & Officer (D&O) liability coverage, what is covered, and why you should get coverage for your board of directors.

6. Compensating Board Members

Do most companies pay board members? What about paying for travel expenses? Learn about compensating directors in this article.

7. Conflicts of Interest Statements for Board Members

Most companies have a conflict of interest policy and require directors to sign a conflict of interest statement. This article discusses the typical conflict of interest statement for board members.

8. Holding the First (Organizational) Meeting of Your Board of Directors

The organizational meeting of a corporation's board of directors is an important meeting. Here are some of the actions the board must take at this first meeting.

9. Removing a Board Member

Some reasons to remove a board member and suggestions for ways to remove directors.

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